The information contained in these tables is compiled according to the best data available to VIA at the time of release.

While efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in these tables, the tables are supplied by VIA as a guide only. Any vehicle that is purchased based on information contained in these tables should be inspected to ensure that an NZTA approved form of ESC is present (installed OEM by the manufacturer) before committing to shipping to NZ. Failure to physically verify the presence of ESC is at the importers risk and VIA will not be liable for any loss resulting from any reliance upon the information contained in these tables.

The information in these tables is based on date of manufacture, and does not necessarily reflect the model-year of the vehicle.

Please note the requirement for ESC only applies to vehicles that are less than 20 years of age.

Vehicles with ESC are still required to meet all other applicable standards and regulatory requirements (such as emissions standards) and these tables only refer to the fitment of, or lack of, ESC.

These tables are living documents, and VIA reserves the right to modify and update the tables as information becomes available. Please check VIA’s website for the most recent version of these tables.

Version 1, Published 21 December 2017

Please note, our ESC lists have been superseded by our online lookup tool Click here